LETTERS: The good people of Manitoulin exemplify the kindness of strangers

The sting was taken out of a terrifying boating incident

To the Expositor:

I am writing to you from Traverse City, Michigan. There are many boaters from Michigan that love to visit your beautiful area each summer. My name is Doug Baker and I wanted to say thank you to the good people in Little Current that help with the support centered around the marine business and those of us with homes in the area.

Recently my wife and I were leaving McGregor Bay on our 39’ Tiara motor boat. We hit a rock and damaged our drive units; we were sinking. Out of the blue a local guardian angel appeared, Mr. Jim Ferguson Sr. in his small runabout, and offered assistance. He started towing us as the wind was moving us closer to more danger. He then called his son at Ferguson Maintenance and Construction in McGregor Bay for more help. Jim Ferguson Jr. arrived with a bigger boat for towing and a gas-powered water pump to aid our bilge pumps. Amazing help from some very kind people. As Jim Jr. handed us off to Kevin Rose from Harbor Vue Marina we wanted to reimburse Jim and he said ‘all I need is a thank you!’

Kevin Rose, owner of Harbor Vue Marina, towed us the rest of the way back to Little Current and made sure his team was ready to lift the boat out of the water. Everyone was so helpful and nice. Mr. Rose went out of his way to make us feel at home and provide us with anything we needed. He even drove us to Espanola that evening so we could get a room for the night.

We have never been involved in a boat accident; it is unnerving to say the least when all the alarms are going off, you know your boat is taking on water, a lot of it, and you do not know a soul. These men all went out of their way to help strangers in need and my wife and I want to say THANK YOU!

Doug and Cindy Baker

Traverse City, MI