LETTERS: It is time to applaud the efforts of the Manitoulin Snowdusters

Thanks to all of those who keep our trails safe and smooth

To the Expositor:

As we all wait patiently for spring to finally arrive after the long old fashioned winter we experienced, it seems like a fitting moment to give a huge cheer and thanks to those involved with the Manitoulin Snowdusters.

I snowmobile all over the province every winter, allowing me to see some amazing scenery, meet fantastic people and enjoy all the small towns we get to visit while out on snowmobiles, touring. 

I have to give a huge thank you to the people behind the scenes at Manitoulin Snowdusters, the groomer crews, and the amazingly generous people that allow us to travel respectfully across their private property. The Snowdusters had the trails consistently table-top smooth and always groomed to perfection this year. It’s a huge undertaking and I personally appreciate all the hard work put into realizing that goal.

Snowmobiling is still very alive, well and a thriving sport that should be supported and embraced as we can only carry our wallets, we need gas, lodging and food. 

There have been more than a few towns I’ve stayed in where the motels were booked to capacity with snowmobilers. If we could get that kind of traffic here, all the resorts, motels and restaurants would definitely be further ahead in the winter.

Thanks again to all involved in keeping our trails safe and smooth, and please think about supporting the trail system on Manitoulin.

Matt Gray