LETTERS: Something less than a Trump endorsement

Our country needs to stand up to him

To the Expositor:

A lot of things are coming out on President Trump now. I knew right from day one this president was no good as a leader for a country. He has no knowledge at all on how to run a country, I also knew he was a security risk too. Now I know I was right about him and the people who stand behind him are just greedy and selfish. If nothing is done about him, he will probably bring down the country financially.

The way he is dealing with trade talks, bullying everybody into having his way. That is no good for business because something will backfire on the United States. Whatever it is, something for sure will happen if he has his way but we will see what happens. Everybody will be hurt financially by him and the only thing I can say is our government needs to stand up to this idiot.

Ron Osawabine