LETTERS: The Cup and Saucer is an excellent example of working together

Private, public and numerous hands help create, mark and maintain the trail

To the Expositor:

Michigiwadinong (The Cup and Saucer) Trail is an excellent example of community and conservation groups working together to achieve positive impacts for local residents and tourists of Manitoulin Island. This year over 5,000 people walked the trail. I know quite a few people who hiked it many times. The vast majority of hikers treated the new trail with respect and expressed appreciation for the new signage. We are grateful to the Town of NEMI for assistance in creating the new expanded parking lot mandated by Ministry of Transportation and continuing to provide the garbage bins and toilets at the trailhead. We are thankful for the generosity of our neighbours Randy Noble and Meredith Chandler and family who have continued to allow public use of their privately owned property for part of the Cup trail and the ever popular adventure trail.

Thanks especially to the volunteers who helped create, mark and maintain the trail (and all the other trails on the Island), and to those beautiful souls who have been quietly picking up every little scrap of garbage along the trail ensuring that it stays as beautiful as when it was created. 

Roy Jeffery,

volunteer board member

The Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy