LETTERS: The Tehkummah blog would have more credibility if it were not anonymous

Not a constructive way to move the township forward

To the Expositor:

I was interested by the ad placed in your paper last week promoting the “Tehkummah Blog.” Certainly, in light of the recent events and coming election, keeping taxpayers informed is very important. The blog itself is informative, but I can’t help noticing it is rather partisan and apparently anonymous. I do think the opinions expressed might carry a little more credibility if the authors of the pieces were identified, particularly when they claim to speak for me as in “Taxpayers are gravely concerned…”

How many taxpayers did he/she/they speak to? Or how about, the Blog Dog says: “Acting Clerk-Treasurer gets paid her acting wages…” I would describe that as sickly amusing and insulting.

I really don’t think this is a constructive way to move the Township forward.


David Samuels

South Baymouth