Little Current Library depends on volunteers too

To the Expositor:

Volunteers from the area were feted by the Northeast Town at an appreciation evening on Wednesday, April 18. The refreshments, gifts of seed packets at the door, certificates awarded to representatives of many groups—it was all good. We received copies of the attractive new Leisure Guide, ‘Welcome.’ Kudos to the organizers for making all the volunteers feel welcome and appreciated.

The Library Board and Library Outreach (volunteers who bring Manor residents their library books) were among the groups being thanked. Behind the scenes of every library is a board made up entirely of volunteers (approved by council) who meet once a month. They have the serious duty of governing the operation of the library as set out in the Library Act.

It’s pretty evident in these days of budget cuts that the very existence of libraries is under attack in some municipalities. Fortunately, on Manitoulin, there are several small but valued libraries.

The Library Board here in the Northeast Town is eager to progress with the times and maintain our little library as a vital place to visit. If you’ve been in to grab a book or a CD, you’ve also noticed the computers for public use, WiFi is available for your own laptop, microfiche for history/genealogy buffs, children’s programs, puzzles, folks playing board games or just chatting, a technologist to help you with your e-book or computer questions. There’s copying, laminating and printing services, growing shelves of large print and audio books, interlibrary loan, and changing displays of local art. Books, yes, and so much more.

The key asset of any library is of course the staff. To back them up, our library is lucky to have many generous volunteers. This year is the 80th anniversary of the Little Current Public Library established in 1932. Plans are underway to celebrate this enduring and valuable community resource.

Hope to see you at the library!

Marian Barnett

Library Board Member