Little Current residents get return cards of thanks from Canadian troops abroad

Left: Huddson Smith received a card from a soldier named Grant, who is currently serving in the United Kingdom. Right: Morgan Dedman received her card from Petty Officer Second Class Smallwood, who is stationed in the United Kingdom.

LITTLE CURRENT – Following last December’s impressive efforts by Islanders of all ages to ensure that Canadian forces stationed around the world get a Christmas greeting, a few lucky people received cards back, much to their great surprise.

For the past few years, Royal Canadian Legion Branch #177, under the charge of Comrade Linda Bowerman, initiated the call out for Christmas cards to be sent to Canadian troops to ensure everyone gets a little Christmas joy. For two years running, Branch #177 has sent out more cards than any other branch in the zone, including from children attending Little Current Public School (LCPS).

Last week, LCPS students Huddson Smith and Morgan Dedman each received cards back, both of which were mailed from the United Kingdom.

Huddson was quick to remind everyone that he was the first to receive his card from a soldier known only as ‘Grant.’ Huddson told The Expositor that getting the card in the mail, addressed personally to him, made him extremely happy.

Huddson’s card reads, “Huddson, Thank you for your card at Christmas. I hope you are having a good winter” and is signed “Grant, a Canadian soldier in England.”

Morgan, too, was totally surprised to see a card come back as she has sent cards before. Morgan’s card came from Petty Officer Second Class (PO2) Smallwood and she said it felt good to know the cards they sent had an effect on those who received them.

PO2 Smallwood wrote: “Thank you for taking time to send me a festive greeting card this year. It was a wonderful treat to open while away from loved ones this holiday season. Remember kindness is contagious. Sincerely, PO2 Smallwood, Currently OUTCAN in the UK.”

Morgan said she knows exactly which card PO2 Smallwood received, as she put a joke in it. In return, PO2 Smallwood shared a joke: “Do oranges go to school? Yes, the navel academy.”

Elaine Peck, also of Little Current, received at least a dozen cards from around the world. 

“You don’t send them to get a reply back, but when you do it just blows your mind,” Ms. Peck shared. “I kept them because they mean so much to me.”

Ms. Peck sent an astonishing 1,500 cards out last year, a task that takes her months to complete, but that she enjoys wholeheartedly. She’s already begun addressing cards for next Christmas too, and even gets community support in the form of donated boxes of Christmas cards.

Comrade Bowerman was tickled pink to receive the news of the return cards. “I think that’s so nice,” she told The Expositor. “I’m so happy that some of the students got replies. I’m so happy to hear that they did and I’m glad for Elaine, especially after the amount that she does. It’s so nice to get good news.”

“It felt good to know they made someone’s day a little brighter,” Huddson’s teacher, Pam Rohn, added. “Random acts of kindness caused more kindness. They’re making the world a better place, one act at a time.”

Morgan, Huddson and Ms. Peck each said they would definitely continue the tradition of sending cards to Canadian soldiers—music to Comrade Bowerman’s ears.