Local resident seeks input on Lake Mindemoya Property Owners Association support

Image by Kelly Nelson

MINDEMOYA – Local residents will be asked whether they are interested in being a member of a proposed new Lake Mindemoya Property Owners Association. 

“As a letter I have sent to (Central Manitoulin) council states, I have been concerned about the lake for the 30-plus years I have lived here,” Stan Drystek told the Recorder this past Tuesday. “I have had concerns with the condition and the quality of the water among other concerns. I have talked to others who also have concerns.”

“Part of the problem is that right now there is no incorporated body that can act as a spokesperson for the lake,” said Mr. Drystek. “I have no idea where this will go. I have been given support by council to explore and look into forming an association,” he said, noting in fact he had also been approached by one of the municipal councillors into looking at getting this association started. 

“We are also concerned about lake levels and shoreline development which was increased extensively over the years on the lake, and has seemingly had no control or regulations,” said Mr. Drystek. “It’s all about being mindful of the impacts of the footprint being left on the lake and its water.”  

“Mr. Drystek, a landowner on the Lake in Mindemoya has shown an interest in starting this association and put together a letter to staff. He hopes to get this put in with the tax mailing to local residents,” stated Al Tribinevicius, a Central Manitoulin councillor and chair of the municipal water, waste and education committee, at a recent meeting.

The committee did not raise any concerns and council was in support of Mr. Drystek exploring the idea for the association being formed. “I do support the idea,” said Mayor Richard Stephens. “We have a big stake in the lake; getting ground-floor information is important.” 

In his letter to council dated December 10, 2020, Mr. Drystek wrote in part, “after the suggestion from council member Al Tribinevicius that Lake Mindemoya should have some form of stewardship body like Lake Manitou or Lake Kagawong, and a few days of thought, I have concluded that this is well past due. This lake is a very important natural resource as well as the drinking water source for the town of Mindemoya, so its protection and preservation needs to be a priority focus as we now have started to experience climate change issues as well as increased waterfront development.”

“As a 32-year resident on Lake Mindemoya, I have noticed very significant and rapid negative changes to this lake over the last few years due to a number of factors; natural shoreline destruction and development have increased as more and more seasonal waterfront is being converted to year-round homes. (Secondly), excessive shoreline erosion due to high water levels and much more rain and stronger winds during the spring, summer and fall seasons due to climate change. (Third), a decline in fish populations due to excessive over-fishing (in the summer and now recently over the winter months) by mostly off-Island weekend visitors who contribute little or nothing to the local economy.”

“I see this association as being an education body advising owners what is okay, and not; and together when necessary advocating the provincial ministries who won’t deal with private landowners but will with incorporated bodies,” said Mr. Drystek. He noted as well, “we haven’t been able to as of yet approach M’Chigeeng First Nation residents on the lake about being part of this association. There is a significant number of property owners from M’Chigeeng on the lake.”

The Recorder has confirmed that Central Manitoulin office staff will be putting a notice in the municipal newsletter to be sent out as early as this week, noting that for those who may be interested in the association they should contact Mr. Drystek or the municipality.