Long time Gore Bay councillor a candidate for mayor

Dan Osborne

GORE BAY—Citing his pleasure with the direction the Town of Gore Bay has taken in the past few years, long-time councillor Dan Osborne has announced that he will be running for mayor in the upcoming municipal election.

“I am announcing that I’m running in the election for mayor,” Mr. Osborne told the Recorder on Monday. “I honestly like the direction the town is going and I would like to see it continue; the progress we have seen in the past eight years.”

“In (Mayor) Ron (Lane’s) first and second (four-year) terms there has been a lot of progress in town, a lot has happened and there have been lots of positive things take place,” said Mr. Osborne. “I think the town is now more resident friendly. With the progress that has taken place it encourages people to think more about relocating here to live and for jobs.”

“In just the last couple of years (council) has taken steps to make the town more attractive,” continued Mr. Osborne. He pointed out things like the development being made at the Gore Bay-Manitoulin Airport, and the development of the new Gore Bay park area adjacent to the Millsite Apartments.

“The waterfront is high on my list; it provides a large income for the town,” said Mr. Osborne.

Mr. Osborne has had a lot of experience on council, currently serving his third term as a councillor. “In my first three year term I was on council when Ruby Croft was the mayor, then I spent four years on council while Joyce (Foster) was mayor.” After taking one term off, under the mayorship of Mr. Lane, “I have spent the past four year term on council.”
Mr. Osborne noted, “I believe everyone should serve at least one term on council before running for mayor. It is a big job and responsibility, and I feel councillors should get the experience of at least one term as a councillor.”

“I have no hidden agenda in running for mayor,” stated Mr. Osborne.

He also says that it would be great if more people came forward to run for mayor or a seat on council. “If someone else wants to run for mayor in this election that would be great. I would rather have an election than someone being acclaimed. That is the way the system is supposed to work. I would encourage anyone who is interested to put their name forward for mayor or as a council member.”