M.S.S. in the Halls

by Sandy Kuntsi 

Last week included several spirit days. On Wednesday, there was a Jersey Day. There was lots of fun chirping going on as people supporting different teams argued about which team is better. Even the teachers were having fun joking around with friendly hockey rivalries. On Friday, there was a Grease Lightning day. Students and teachers were dressed in leather jackets and had their hair slicked back as if they were back in the ‘50s. There were girls dressed up in their poodle skirts. All through lunch there was Grease music playing in the halls and there were lots of people singing along. Could this be a hint of next year’s MSS Musical?

The Grade 9 academic math class learned not to get Mr. Balfe started on whether carbohydrates are healthy or not. When a student asked if breakfast cereal were healthy, Mr. Balfe took the entire class on a roller coaster ride through the workings of carbohydrates. There was math involved, as well as health. Students will miss these cross-curricular discussions while the strike is going on.

As the high school teachers start a strike, students are in limbo. Nobody knows what is going on, but I do know that many students are looking forward to getting time off, while others are hoping that everything goes back to normal, and soon. Grade 9 student Ben Sayyae says, “I think it is awesome!” Denver Leeson says, “I’m so happy! I want the strike to go on for a little bit, but not for a full two months.” Grade 12 student Logan Murphy says, “It’s a welcomed break. I just don’t want it to last too long. I want to actually finish my year. Plus there’s the Stratford trip that I’ve been looking forward to since the beginning of the year.”

The Rainbow District School Board has set up learning materials such as E-learning Ontario, Ontario Education Resource Bank, and Math Homework Help so students can continue to develop their skills. If the strike goes on for too long, students may receive their mid-term marks as a final mark. During the strike, there will be no extra-curricular activities, field trips or sports meets. The school will not be open to students, but community and after school usage my community groups will continue.

On May 5 there is a planned Pride Day organized by the Rainbow Rights Alliance to support gay rights. The students involved are very passionate about their cause. Many students fully support them and what they are doing to decrease discrimination. This event will hopefully take place after the strike ends.

Many activities are in limbo until the end of the strike: prom, annual powwow, Stratford trip, track and field, tennis, and OFSAA gymnastics. These activities will be put off until after the strike and may not occur if the strike goes on for too long.

There will not be any more news from MSS until after the strike. Stay golden, Mustangs, ‘til next time