Tehkummah Talk and Times

Hydro # 0??

I reach out my arm

Shut out the light

We don’t really need Hydro

When the sun is so bright

But on those dark days,

And in any dark hour

I begrudge the money

I spend on the power.

The power that they have

That bargaining chip

That we hostage held,

Or the way they do clip

The charges delivery

They add up on the paper,

We starve while we pay up

That’s why all the rage

I’d love to go solar.

Have money to burn

But there’s no senior rate

And I’m too old to Earn

Pat Hall 2015

Hydro this month, $653.

Good news, he’s back. I asked if he spent the winter indoors or out, I expect he would have dried up if indoors? It’s my friend “Toad” I’m talking about, who else but me! Right?

Birthday party today at the Hall. Our Manitouliners have a new band member. Good to hear George (Williamson) along with Gordie, Harold and Peter. Gordie and Eileen celebrated their birthdays and Steven made a cameo appearance! (In time to pick up his mom.) Mary baked the birthday cake and prepared lunch with Margaret. I beat Mom at three card games today.

I was phone chatting with Elaine, Bert, Barb, Pat (Sissy), Lori and Laura (as Mom’s answering service!!) and Helen.

Happy birthdays to Pauline (April 26th), Eileen (Leeson, April 27th) and Lydia (April 29th). It’s strange sometimes how I get my information. Congratulations Kevin Hobbs on your retirement from the Espanola Mill after 39 years.

I hear my musicians this “Earth Day” playing the “song of the raindrops” outside my bathroom window. (This is five in the morning.) Sounds pretty good. Hey let’s “pay it forward” for Earth Day!

Hey it’s amazing this Thursday morning I see birds walking on water!! They are picking goodies out of the ice.

A terrific afternoon at cribbage, five tables. Lunch was provided by many, including Tuesday’s leftover birthday cakes, lemon and chocolate, good. We play four games, take our break and then play four more. C’mon down.

The high hand, Ted, 24; first place, Laura (W. Scott) and I, 944; second, (Mom) Jean and Mary, 926; third, Joy and Bert- 913, low, Lori and Rick, 855; door prizes, Gib and Laura, Lois’ birthday.

After the game we were treated to our supper at Knox Church’s Spring into Spring event. Thank you to Sissy Pat and her Ma Laura, Mom, Irene, Cal and I, Gib and Florence, lovely. Cal met us there, he had just got back from his Sudbury (needle in the eye) appointment. He travelled with his brother Lyle. Hello out there, Shirley too!

Well here it is Friday evening and I’m laying down writing this; darn, had to get up, I forgot my pills again.

We just came home from trivia night at Knox Church Hall. We had a lot of fun and ultimately, we did better than we thought we would. Mom, Sherry, Lori and Jackie (Bryant) joined our team and we had a couple of good scores. Team finals: Titans, 80; Snowbirds, 78; Big Lake, 73 (only three on their team); Trial Blazers, 66 (us); and the Buglers, 64. As trail blazers, we kinda lost our axe; I love these competitions!! Thanks Martin and prize providers, and snack and coffee providers (ours was the funniest team).

During the afternoon we used the Tehk Hall for our Sr. UCW meeting, nine members came, a good meeting. I provided tea and coffee, Lynda brought delicious soups and snacks, good dessert too, healthy.

I just gave myself a lecture, the problem is, I’m not a good listener. I march to the now, and what moves me drum, unfortunately.

Earth Day, and what could I do for the/our earth?? Stay out of the rain/snow/sleet/cold and sun? I’ve since done a little yard work, but the winds are keeping their bite!

Happy birthday to Norris Pyette (Sault), who also shares that date with his daughter. What a birthday present that was a “few years” back.

Three and a quarter tables for euchre, winners: Dave Nelder, 78, and 5 lone hands; low, Andy, 51. Ladies, Dorothy, 74; Pauline lone hands, 4, low; Margaret, 56; door, Audrey.

Eileen Leeson’s shopping trip to Espanola turned into a birthday surprise.

I was talking to Cal on the phone this Sunday morning and Cole is back home again. A call from Mollie, she had her eye done on Friday and says she is doing O.K.

I took an oh-oh-oh-oh (!) pain in my back at sis Susan’s place on Saturday night. Now if you think there is any sympathy to be found there, you’re absolutely wrong. That triggered a series of Oh-oh-oh-oh Stayn’ Alive, Stayn’ Alive! Musical interludes, even when I was leaving there, Sherry and Susan were on the deck doing the actions! Kind of took the focus from Pauline’s good birthday cakes! We all (Pauline, Wayne, Susan, Simon, Mom, Sherry, Dave and I and their daughter Christine) had gone to Green Acres for a delicious supper where Pauline got a lovely piece of birthday cake with a candle, brought all the way from Val Therese by Dave (Merrick); as always, a great event and get together. Mom, Susan, Simon and I took in “Back Roads Country” music at the Triangle Club Hall, before the supper. I was late, as I had been doing yard work. A nice crowd, they sold lunch and pies and had a 50/50 draw. The members of the band: Bob (Eadie) is looking well, Barry is their “leader”, Betty, Heather, Lonnie, Bill and Diane; some good git pickin’ goin’ on.

Linda McNaughton is hosting the last bible study of the season Wednesday afternoon.

Skylar held her “Kid” birthday party on Sunday afternoon with Cameron and guests.

Deep in their roots all flowers keep the light, flower seeds too!

What a lovely dedication of the windows that border the cross in St. Andrews on Sunday. A wonderful book of church history was also dedicated. These projects, Reg Leeson, Loretta and Eleanor and Robert Brown, good job. I love Martin’s sermons when he incorporates music and song, flowers, love, etc. Refreshments after the service.

Susan and I took in the music afternoon at Helen’s, sing alongs and featured artists and more food, thank you all.

Elvis is coming to Tehkummah Hall on the 9th of May, don’t miss it!

Hello Corrine, Colleen, Darlene and Jean, messages received.