M.S.S. Kids in the Halls


Just over a month until Christmas and even less than that until Winter Break! I’m sure students are all eager to be finished with November and dive into the holiday season. That being said, this week has been filled with many exciting things for MSS.

MSS hosted two NOSSA tournaments last week. On Thursday, November 17 the junior boys’ volleyball team competed on home turf. The junior Mustangs put in a good effort and won second place overall. The next day the senior boys’ volleyball team played and also won second place. Thank you to all the coaches, parents, volunteers, and players that made this all possible. Congratulations to both of our teams on a good season!

Speaking of volleyball, girls’ volleyball team tryouts are up and running for anyone interested. Best of luck to everyone trying out!
Manitoulin Metal had a busy week this week. As part of a fundraising initiative, the robotics team sold Krispy Kreme doughnuts to pay for their season expenses. Doughnuts were preordered by friends and family and then sold in the cafeteria on Friday, November 18 when the sweet treats arrived. The build team also got last season’s robot up and running again at their after-school meeting on Thursday, November 17. The new team members are learning many new things as the season progresses!

On Saturday, November 19 many MSS clubs participated in a craft fair. The craft fair was hosted at the Four Directions Complex in AOK from 9 am to 4 pm. MSS students took admission at the door, sold soup and treats, ran a silent auction, and played Christmas tunes on a variety of instruments. At the fair, local vendors from across the Island came together to sell their wares and promote their businesses for the holiday season. There were many tables with tasty Christmas treats, hand-made clothes, soaps and scents, jewellery, and much more.

Unfortunately, due to some car accidents around AOK that night because of the poor weather some student and staff volunteers got trapped in the complex for a little while. Thank you to everyone who donated their time to make this event possible!

The 12 Days of Christmas event is starting up very soon at MSS. Every year, the twelve school days before winter break have special holiday-themed activities for students. Any clubs or programs at the school have a chance to come up with an activity to help get everyone into the holiday spirit!

That is all for this week! Until next time, go Mustangs, go!