Tehkummah Talk and Times

The Triangle Club afternoon euchre starts at 1:30 on Thursday, December 3rd. Just a reminder here! It’s a tournament!

A phone call from Jean (Livingston) of (Hamilton) was a surprise Wednesday morning. Good to hear her voice. If I’d got moving quicker I would have missed the call.

Well another trip to the doctors being made aware of existing?? Problems. I found why I’d been so tired anyway. Rick went with Cal to Sudbury for another needle in the eye. A good report, he doesn’t have to go for the next one for four months!

Dorothy set up for cribbage for me. Three high hands of 24. Ruth (McDonald) and two for me (most unusual). First place; Dorothy and Eugene, 947; second, Audrie and I, 942; third, Gib and Florence, 922; low,  Lori and Ruth, 852; door, Bill and Betty Jean.

Good lunch as always at break time, another birthday cake (Mum’s official birthday) another Birthday song. Mum went home with Simon after cards for a Birthday supper, whipped up by Susan. Steaks..mmm.

I was just talking to Pauline. She says she is a Great Granny again to another little girl born today, November 26, 7lbs.7oz, Aurora Jane. Jane after her great, great great grandmother?? Congrats Cassie. Happy Birthday Kathy Hill, November 27th. Sympathy to Shirley Bonds family (third cousin).

Tonight I hear my friend Helen (Oswald) is in hospital at Little Current. Suspected heart problems. Get well soon. Since report, a couple of stents in Sudbury Hospital.

Mum beat the tar out of me at cribbage. A skunk in the midst of it all. I quit when I won one, then she fed me supper. Finally felt sorry for me! You know, you think when life can’t possibly get worse, doesn’t it anyways!

I went in with Joan this morning to Shirley Bond’s memorial service. Met her kids and grands. Good to say hello to Mary Lou. It had been years. Met her daughter too. Many of Shirley’s friends stood and gave tributes, Marilyn’s music just beautiful.

We can back to Christmas in Tehkummah. Jean treated Lorna and me to our lunch. Seemed pretty busy, lots of booths. Nice to visit around the hall, did a bit of buying. Nice day, outside and in. You know, I’m still getting calenders in the mail. Anybody need one? I’m up to 27 new, two in French, which means they are the same only different!!

Mary fixed up the Advent candle stand this week, and Lorna bought some unscented candles in Sudbury, looking good.

The song “May you always (walk in sunshine)” has not gone from my mental jukebox. I’ve just about recalled all the words. So beautiful. And the beat goes on!!

Sunday. Well, today I skunked Mum twice. What a switch!!

We had a few games after, lunch at carol’s and Earl’s. Today, Susan, Joan, Borden, Martin, Lynda, Mum and I.

The first Advent candle was lit today. “A special moment in time” for our “Special Ladies”, Mum and Audrie, when Martin called them to the front of the church for special congratulations on behalf of Michael Mantha and Carol Hughes. I think the ladies were pretty pleased, and a big round of applause, and many photos were taken. Thank you so much!!

Between the birds and the deer, they are eating me out of house and home!

Lyla how are you feeling?

A surprise phone call this morning from Sis Mollie, out in Winnipeg area. She’s with her daughter Michelle (who has MS) I guess things are going well there. She called to check on my health status?

Happy Birthday Cal (Pyette) December 1st.

Each day has its traumas of one kind or another. This morning finds us walking through the yard searching for a cat that’s been hit by a car, doesn’t seem too bad, blood around the mouth, tooth maybe. Lynn felt terrible, but it’s not dead and going on all fours. Laurene and Mollie were helping us look too.

The Little Schoolhouse Museum is hosting their Christmas Carolling at the Tehkummah Hall on December 13th, Sunday afternoon. This event was cancelled. The Dave Southwood Band is having a music afternoon, December 5th, 1-4pm. See you there!

December 6th, pancake breakfast Jr. UCW, “ Breakfast with Santa” 9am? – noon.

Sherry called. Keeping the cat “Shadow” for observation for the day. Will have to have a tooth (I think) removed!