Manitou 4-H Club goes to the fair

The Manitou 4-H Club with their float at the Manitowaning Fall Fair.

MANITOWANING—Everybody loves the fair! The Manitou 4-H had a great time participating in the Manitowaning Fall Fair last month.

The 4-H members put a float in the Manitowaning Fall Fair parade. Each member brought things like a drill, a mini tractor and firewood with marshmallows to the float to decorate it.

After the parade everyone jumped off the float to see their calves that had arrived at the fair.  The 4H members were responsible for washing, brushing, and leading them around.  Soon it was time for judging the calves. The judge wanted the calves led around the show ring, and then they were lined up, getting placed first, second and third.  Afterwards,  calves were left in their pens and the club enjoyed the rest of the fair.

Manitou 4-H Club members lead their calves in the judging pen at the Manitowaning Fall Fair.

Prior to the fair, the members were shown how to wash, brush and lead the calves in preparation. During the grooming of the animals, Brooke Gibeaut commented, “Be careful around the calf’s legs so she doesn’t kick you.” There were four parent volunteers assisting  with this showmanship training. We appreciate the help from the parents.

The awards evening is coming this week when members will have their final get-together. Already, Jack said, “I want to train the sister of my calf for next year.” 

Plans are being made for next year’s calf club. Our showmanship will only get better if we follow the 4H motto “Learn to do by doing.”