Manitoulin hosts Certified Horsemanship Association clinic

In photo, left to right, is Kyla Jansen, Cynthia Cameron, Lisa Leclair, Brittany Ali, Sam Staffen, Delena Jennings, Bethuel Nelson, Gretchen Austin, front row, Halie Gauthier, Jennifer Skilling and Jennifer Giroux during the Certified Horsemanship Association clinic at Honora Bay Riding Stable.

HONORA BAY––From May 17 to 22 coaches from all over Ontario travelled to Manitoulin Island to participate in a Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) clinic hosted at Honora Bay Riding Stable (HBRS), currently the only facility in Ontario that fits the criteria to host one of these clinics, a press release from the stable notes.

This clinic is offered to coaches who wish to receive a certification in their coaching levels and be able to certify riders at levels.

“It is a very difficult course with both hours of coaching, role playing, and riding and at all times being evaluated by clinic instructors,” explained clinic host and HBRS proprietor Kyla Jansen. “Delena Jennings of Utterson, Ontario and Bethuel Nelson on Kingston evaluated each lesson taught, gave helpful critiques and final decisions on level of ability for coaching—very exciting as three of our very own coaches were awarded with coaching levels, Halie Gauthier (an employee of HBRS) received her Level 1 western and English certification. Sam Staffen (a many year volunteer and employee of HBRS) received her Level 2 English and Level 1 western instruction, and Jennifer Skilling (a current riding coach at HBRS) received her Level 3 western and Level 3 English flatwork certification.

Other clinicians from Sudbury, Kingston, Porvis Junction and Garson also were awarded coaching levels. Ms. Jansen, already a master clinician, has achieved Level 4 in both English and western coaching skills, was recommended to become an assistant clinician with the CHA team.

CHA is an organization that has four levels of coaching skills and riders must be able to ride a level above your coaching level and be able to break down the theory behind the skills of riding. CHA is recognized worldwide, and is known for presenting lessons in a safe, professional horsemanship skills.