Manitoulin Island Country Club prepares for ownership change

GORDON—Transition plans for the Manitoulin Island Country Club (MICC) are now underway, reports Scott McDougall, spokesman for Manitoulin Transport. The ownership change from the municipality of Gordon-Barrie Island will formally take place on November 30.

Mr. McDougall first confirmed that the name of the golf course will remain unchanged. The next order of business was securing key personnel. “Myrna Thomas and Dave Carr have accepted the positions of clubhouse manager and course superintendent for the coming season. They provide valuable experience and with them remaining it will help ensure continuity in the operation.”

“We are currently reviewing possible upgrades to the course, clubhouse and equipment,” he said.

Mr. McDougall pointed out that to help increase public awareness of the facility, a new website will be developed. “We also plan to keep it current with events, news, hours, fee structures, etc.,” he said.

“We feel that future success of the operation will also depend significantly on support from the club members, as it has in the past,” continued Mr. McDougall. “Therefore one agenda item for next week’s MICC Golf Committee will be the continued existence of an advisory committee that would include club members.”

The municipality of Gordon-Barrie Island had created the MICC golf committee to help provide direction under their tenureship. It was comprised of councillors, the reeve and golf club members.

“It will  be more or less business as usual next year, but there will likely be some exciting enhancements. That will be next year’s news,” added Mr. McDougall.