Manitoulin Lodge recognizes volunteer, resident of the year winners

Madeleine Labine

GORE BAY—The Manitoulin Lodge Nursing Home in Gore Bay announced the recipients of this year’s volunteer and resident of the year awards. The awards were announced at the Lodge’s annual barbecue and bake sale last Friday, with music provided by Doug Alkenbrack and Friends.

“Good morning,” stated Sue Farren, administrator of the nursing home. “I would like to welcome everyone here today and take this opportunity to thank all you for your support. I

Bill Baker

hope everyone is having a great time today. And thank you so much to our volunteers who help to enrich  the lives of our residents. We can’t say it enough how much we appreciate our volunteers and the help they provide to our residents.”

Gloria Hall, activities coordinator at the Lodge, said, “It is great to see everyone here. We couldn’t be  here without our dedicated volunteers.”

Ms. Hall explained that, “every year we have to choose a volunteer of the year award recipient. This is very difficult because each volunteer is special and no matter how much time they share with us, they make a difference in the lives of our residents.”

“This year the person who has been chosen is someone who stepped up when the former organizer of the men’s breakfast moved away,” said Ms. Hall. “He not only organizes the men’s breakfast, making sure there are enough volunteers, but he makes sure everyone has a role to play in providing a great program for the men.”

“Once a month we hold a men’s breakfast with volunteers cooking and serving a full breakfast complete with eggs, cooked as desired with bacon, sausage, toast, pancakes, tea, coffee and juice,” continued Ms. Hall. “The food is great as is the conversation. The men look forward to this monthly event as most programs are more female geared,” said Ms. Hall.

“Bill Baker also recruits new volunteers to ensure the program will be successful,” said Ms. Hall. “If anyone is interest in joining this great program, see Bill.”

“It gives me great pleasure to announce this deserving award to Bill. Thanks for all your support,” said Ms. Hall.

She continued, “Every year we need to choose a resident for the Circle of Excellence resident of the  year award. This year we did something a little different, as we were having difficulty choosing from deserving residents. Although she has passed on, Madeleine Labine left quite an impression in the short time she was at the Lodge. We couldn’t think of a more suitable person to choose for this award.”

“Since coming to the nursing home Madeleine was an inspiration for both residents and staff. She had incredible positive energy that she exuded everywhere she went. She embraced new residents to help them adjust and feel welcome,” said Ms. Hall. “She was never shy to make suggestions on how we could improve our home and quality of life for the residents. Madeleine participated in Quality council meetings. She had very positive things to say about the home.”

“Madeleine was involved in every program she could,” continued Ms. Hall. “She loved to see people happy and would joke with both residents and staff. She helped with the preparations for the food for our staff appreciation, which was a suggestion from resident’s council. They wanted to show their appreciation for the hard working, caring and dedicated staff we have. So we did a luncheon complete with homemade rolls.”

“Madeleine always had a smile, no matter how she was feeling,” stated Ms. Hall. “At the various meetings she attended she always had positive suggestions to offer. She loved to share her nature pictures with residents.”

“Madeleine truly made a difference in the short time she was here,” said Ms. Hall. “Madeleine loved her new home. We miss her every day. Just last night when making pies, a resident stated that Madeleine would have loved this. It is with great honour I present this award.”

Ms. Labine and her husband Ray retired to Kagawong in 1987, building their home here and enjoying the wildlife  that surrounded them. “She loved people and talking with them and making sure that they felt special,” said Ms. Hall. “She treated everyone with great respect. She loved to tease people and make sure they knew she was perfect because she was an angel to all. I’ll make sure Madeliene’s daughter gets the award.”