Manitoulin reports one new case of COVID-19

MANITOULIN—On Sunday, November 22, Public Health Sudbury and Districts reported four new cases in the health unit, including one on Manitoulin.

Greater Sudbury is also reporting three new cases while the Sudbury District is reporting no new cases.

This brings the total confirmed cases in the health unit to 218, of which 10 are considered active.

COVID-19 case data

COVID-19 case data are updated seven days a week. Monday to Friday at 10:30 a.m. and 4 p.m., and weekends and statutory holidays at 4 p.m.

November 22, 2020, at 4 p.m.
22 novembre 2020 à 16 h
Current / ActuellementPrevious / PrécédemmentChange (increase/decrease) / Changement (augmentation/diminution)
Confirmed cases | Cas confirmés12182144 (increase/augmentation)
Active cases | Nombre de cas actifs10133 (decrease/diminution)
Resolved cases | Cas réglés22082017 (increase/augmentation)
Deceased | Décès220
Area | Secteur
Greater Sudbury | Grand Sudbury1991963 (increase/augmentation)
Sudbury District | District de Sudbury12120
Manitoulin District | District de Manitoulin761 (increase/augmentation)
Probable exposure status of cases | Catégorie d’exposition probable
Outbreak-associated | Lien avec une éclosion31310
Close contact of a confirmed case | Personne ayant eu des contacts étroits avec un cas confirmé1081062 (increase/augmentation)
Travel-related | Liée à un voyage27270
No known epidemiological link (unknown exposure) | Aucun lien épidémiologique connu (à catégorie d’exposition inconnue)50482 (increase/augmentation)
Information pending or missing | Situation à venir ou information manquante220
Sex | Sexe 3
Male | Masculin1031030
Female | Féminin73730
Not specified | Non spécifié42384 (increase/augmentation)
Age groups | Groupes d’âge3
19 and under | 19 ans ou moins39390
20-39 | De 20 à 39 ans98980
40-59 | De 40 à 59 ans40400
60-79 | De 60 à 79 ans30300
80 and over | 80 ans ou plus770
Not specified | Non spécifié404 (increase/augmentation)

1Patient tested positive – refers to all patients who tested positive, including those who have resolved in accordance with current public health criteria.
2Patient tested positive but is resolved according to current public health criteria. This number includes persons who are deceased.
3Data on sex and age groups are listed as unspecified until there are sufficient numbers to allow them to be assigned to the appropriate categories. This ensures that individual cases cannot be identified. Sex is not specified for cases aged 19 years and under.