Manitoulin Sea Cadets travel the country this summer, learn new skills

From left, Ordinary Seaman Chloe Otosquaiob, Petty Officer Second Class Abigail Harper, Able Seaman Morgan O’Brien, Petty Officer Second Class Samual Clayton, Able Seaman Ryan Goddard, Able Seaman Declan Allison and Able Seaman Benjamin Gary Dewar depart for summer camp.

MANITOULIN—On Saturday, July 7, seven cadets from the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps Manitoulin boarded a bus in Espanola and made the long trip to HMCS Ontario Cadet Training Centre in Kingston. For the next two to six weeks, cadets will get to experience summer camp with other cadets from all over Canada in different trades.

Ordinary Seaman Chloe Otosquaiob will spend two weeks in General Training, Sea, Petty Officer Second Class Abigail Harper will spend six weeks studying Military Band – Advance Musician, Able Seaman Morgan O’Brien will spend three weeks studying Military Band – Basic Musician, Petty Officer Second Class Samual Clayton will see six weeks studying Intermediate Sail, Able Seaman Ryan Goddard will have three weeks of Basic Sail training, Able Seaman Declan Allison will study Basic Seamanship for three weeks and Able Seaman Benjamin Gary Dewar will have two weeks of General Training, Sea.

Two other Manitoulin cadets have been chosen for the Boatswain Mate course and flew to their destinations.

Chief Petty Officer Second Class, Nicholas Harper will be spending the next six weeks at HMCS Acadia in Nova Scotia and Petty Officer Second Class Quentis Nelson Wood went west to HMCS Quadra in British Columbia.

Ordinary Seaman Chloe
Otosquaiob patiently waits her turn during camp intake at HMCS Ontario Kingston.


Cadets do not pay to go to camp but they do receive pay for being at camp. Interested in finding out more about the Sea Cadet Program? Call us at (705) 805-0350 or visit us on Facebook