Manor resident fires back at nursing home critic

To the Expositor:

Mr. Black,

After reading your letter in the December 5, 2012 Expositor (‘Why does the Manor physically restrain a third of its residents?’, page 4) I gather you are not interested in the welfare of the residents of the Centennial Manor and how we are treated. But for some reason you are attempting to carry out a vendetta against my home.

You dwell on restraints. Trying to make people think we are using straight jackets with the resident fighting and screaming to get free.

My home does not use restraints. There is no one in the Manor that has one.

To prevent someone from standing and falling we use a safety belt put loosely across the lap.

To compare my home with other LTC homes who you say do not use safety belts comes down to the ability of the resident to stand safely. You mention thirteen things that wearing a seatbelt will cause. I feel sorry for truck drivers who are not aware of all these things that is happening to them. We do have residents who want a safety belt. Some at their families request this belt to know their relative is safe from falls.

Fastening this belt does not add that much workload to the PSWs that you state it does and try to highlight. But it does beat picking someone off the floor.

Where did you get the information on the Manor’s entertainment? I would safely say that you can compare ours to any LTC home as good or better with limited funds.

Mr. Black, I am not interested in meeting with you or anyone that have an obvious grudge against my home. And this is the last time I will comment on events at my home.

Good day to you sir,

Bud McDonnell
Manitoulin Centennial Manor
Little Current