Massey girl needs votes for to become National Mobility Awareness Month Local Hero contest

Help Emily Richer be named a Local Hero by voting for her online.

MASSEY—Twelve-year-old Emily Rose Desanges Richer’s family of Massey have nominated Emily as a Local Hero as part of the fourth annual National Mobility Awareness Month, providing her with the chance to win one of four wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Emily was born with Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that affects one in 50,000 children.

Emily is blind, developmentally delayed and at 12-years-old she is still similar to a newborn in that she will never walk, talk, crawl or eat by mouth.

Despite these obstacles, Emily’s mother Lisa Richer explained that Emily is an amazing young girl.

“She has taught me unconditional love,” said Ms. Richer. “She is such a strong person.”

Although Emily isn’t mobile, she has no hearing issues and loves to be read to and listen to music.

“Wheels on the Bus is her favourite song,” shared Ms. Richer. “It always puts a smile on her face.”

The family currently has a van, but it is aged and only contains tie down straps for Emily’s chair.

“A new van with a ramp would make loading so much easier,” Ms. Richer said. “It would be a blessing and make getting Emily out and about easier as well.”

Emily’s video to be named a Local Hero currently has 4,464 votes. To view and vote for Emily visit and click ‘Vote Now,’ the video is listed under Lisa Richer. For more information about Emily visit her Facebook group Emily Rose Desanges Richer.