Michigan-based Mazda Miata club members visit Manitoulin Island

The Tip O’ the Mit Miata Club visited the Gore Bay Harbour Centre among the many sites the group saw on Manitoulin Island last weekend.

GORE BAY—The Tip O’ the Mit Miata Club members who visited Manitoulin last weekend are already looking forward to their next visit to the Island.

“We’ve been to the Island before, about four times in the past 15-20 years,” said Jon Hopkins, a member of the club. “It is a really fun place to travel to and we always enjoy our visits to Manitoulin. Joyce at the Red Lodge Resort treats us very well.”

One of the members of the club is Joan Luey from Wickenburg, Arizona who has a summer residence near Charlevoix, Michigan and has spent the last 30-plus years boating and docking in Gore Bay, pointed out Mr. Hopkins.

The Miata club members enjoyed two nights hospitality at the Red  Lodge on Lake Manitou.

“We had a total of 12 cars on hand and 21 people on this visit,” Mr. Hopkins told the Recorder. He explained, “we all drive Mazda Miatas and we are from all over Michigan—mainly the northern part of the state. We also have one member of the club from Wisconsin and one from Thunder Bay.”

“The club has 32 members in total,” said Mr. Hopkins. “We like to drive our cars in the summer and visit various locations for afternoon or overnight visits.” He explained that the club was first established in 1993. “We have a very active group,” added Mr. Hopkins. He noted the group on its trip to the Island visited Lillian’s in M’Chigeeng , Bridal Veil Falls, the Old Mill Heritage Centre, Manitoulin Chocolate Works, the Old Church in Kagawong and the merchants in Kagawong, the Harbour Centre and Split Rail Brewery both in Gore Bay, G.G’s restaurant for lunch on Saturday, and visited the McLean’s Mountain Lookout and the Sheguiandah First Nation,

“We really only had one full day to wander around the Island,” said Mr. Hopkins. The club members drove to the Island on Friday and stayed Friday and Saturday evenings at the Red Lodge.                                                                                                        “We will definitely be back to the Island,” said Mr. Hopkins. “The weather was absolutely gorgeous. We certainly had a great time, as we always do, visiting Manitoulin Island.”