Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport provides update on Bill 100

Submission deadline is today (April 27) or you can submit by writing

To the Expositor:

I wanted to take a moment to update you on Bill 100, the Supporting Ontario’s Trails Act. Bill 100 has been referred to the Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly, and we will be holding public hearings on the Bill.

The Supporting Ontario’s Trails Act is an opportunity to help protect and improve thousands of kilometres of the province’s trails network while encouraging its expansion

As regular readers of this paper will know, there has been some discussion over what a trail easement does or does not do. To be clear, Bill 100 would not compel any landowner to provide an easement. As currently drafted, Bill 100 would provide an additional way for landowner and trail organizations to enter into land-use agreements.

When our government was developing the Supporting Ontario’s Trails Act, our ministry held consultations with over 250 organizations, including municipalities, aboriginal groups, trail organizations, landowners and not-for-profit organizations.

Now we would like to touch base again. If you would like to express interest in potentially being a presenter, I encourage you to put your name forward, and contact Trevor Day, the legislative clerk responsible the Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly. Presentations can be delivered in person, or by phone. The deadline to submit your name is 4 pm on Wednesday, April 27, 2016 to: Trevor Day, Tel: 416-325-3509 or

The committee also accepts written submissions. All written submissions can be sent to Trevor Day; be sure to note it is a written submission on Bill 100.

I look forward to continuing debate on this important piece of legislation, and look forward to hearing from the public in committee.

Minister Michael Coteau

Tourism, Culture and Sport