MSS Kids in the Halls

The MSS Mustangs have had plenty of opportunity to learn through their extracurricular experiences, whether by trying something new on a sports team, or considering post-secondary education.

The Manitoulin Mustangs hosted the first volleyball tournament of the NSSSA season. Three schools other than MSS were present: Espanola High School, Jeunesse Nord and W.C. Eaket.

The senior boys’ team played well and won their matches against all three competing teams. The senior boys’ team this year is James Scott, Connor Bellmore, Matt Redmond, Tait Wallace, Parker Dickinson, Alex Martin, Greg McGauley, Greg Doane, Bryce Draper, Zack Kategiannis, Brandon Boyle and Chris Haner. The boys are coached by Mr. Kategiannis and the team manager is Sydney Koehler. The junior boys also played well, only losing one match to Espanola. The junior boys’ team is Rory Dearing, Lukas Abotossaway, Joe Graham, Tyler Leeson, Nathan Temple, Shannon Debassige, Ben Marshall, Michael Madahbee, Austin Purvis and Boston Thibeault. The junior boys’ coach is Mr. Gurney. Both teams will be travelling to Espanola on Wednesday, October 11 for their next league tournament.

Mr. Gurney was very proud of his team, especially Grade 9 Rory Dearing. “Rory really didn’t want to serve during this tournament, but I was glad I made him. Rory served 21 points in a row, breaking the school record.”

The junior girls’ basketball team had their first game of the season on October 3 in Espanola. The girls lost but still happy with this first effort. This year the girls’ basketball team is Amber Wiwchar, Madison Swihart, Abby Smith, Paige VanderWeerden, Avery Sheppard, Emma Chokomoolin, Ayriell Nodecker, Skye Setterington, Ella Stewart, Bailey Yaschuk-Middaugh, Darci Debassige, Willow Corbiere and Sienna McGraw.

The boys’ and girls’ hockey teams have tryouts underway. The girls’ team is being coached by Ms. Addison and Mrs. Wesno. The boys’ team is being headed by Mr. Doane and Mr. Smith.

Several Grade 12 students travelled to Espanola for the University Information Program on October 2. MSS will have a bus going to the College Students’ Information Program on October 11 in Espanola. These are both opportunities for students to learn more about post-secondary options.

SHARE/Go Green is doing a winter clothing drive in partnership with Three Fires Confederacy. They will be collecting hats, coats, mittens, scarves, and blankets. SHARE/Go Green is also participating in Waste Reduction Week. From October 16-20, there will be an event each day at MSS to advertise waste reduction: Monday, October 16 MSS will be encouraged to wear blue to show support; Tuesday, October 17 will be the launch of the clothing drive; Wednesday, October 18 will be a classroom waste audit, to monitor how much waste MSS creates; Thursday, October 19 staff and students will be encouraged not to use plastic bottles; and Friday, October 20 will be food waste reduction. Waste Reduction week will be a way for Mustangs to help the environment through simple actions.

There are more ways to learn than just in the classroom. The Mustangs showed their best and keep doing so through sports and changing the world. ‘Til next time, stay golden, Mustangs.