MSS Kids in the Halls

Welcome back to Kids (not presently) in the Hall! I hope everyone has been diligently washing your hands. 

As of Monday, April 6, a new routine for students and staff began with online classes. Distance learning does bring its challenges, but teachers and students alike are learning how to adapt to this new way of schooling. Secondary school classes are sticking to a Day 1 (Monday or Friday) schedule. Block A classes begin at 9 am; Block B at 10:20 am; Block C at 12:20 pm; Block D at 1:40 pm. Teachers will be available during these times for students in their respective classes through Google Suites.

Each class could look different in terms of how it is set-up depending on the teacher. Students will be expected to mark their attendance for each class. The structure of each class could include pre-recorded videos for lessons, activities and instructions posted on Google Classroom, or students could have live video conferences with their teacher and fellow classmates through Google Meet, or both. Students are encouraged to speak with their individual teachers if they have any questions or concerns about the online set-up of their classes, or how things will progress. The current plan is to have approximately three hours’ worth of work for each class per week. Staff and teachers are currently working out a plan for students who do not have access to the internet and/or a device.

There will be no mid-term reports issued for students in Grades 9 to 11. Grade 12 students who will be graduating will be receiving mid-term marks to help support college and university applications. Teachers will be getting in touch with students and parents to communicate how students are progressing throughout the remainder of the semester. 

Requirements to pass the Grade 10 Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test and the 40 hours of community service for Grade 12 students on track to graduate this year have been waived. All EQAO assessments for 2019-2020 have been cancelled.

As for the elementary school students, there is a similar set up that has been arranged for students. Last week a letter from Education Minister Stephan Lecce was sent around to schools and directed to parents and guardians outlining the program and procedures that will be involved for their child’s online learning. Parents and students are encouraged to check in with their RDSB Google account, Seesaw or other form of communication used by their child’s teacher to keep updated. Distance learning for Kindergarten to Grade 3 students will include five hours per week of math and language; Grades 4-6’s learning will include five hours per week of math, language, social sciences/science; Grade 7 and 8s learning will include 10 hours per week of math, language, social sciences and science. 

Please regularly check the Rainbow District School Board website ( and RDSB Gmail accounts for new information as things progress. Do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or school if you have any questions or concerns. 

Great online resources for at home learning for all grades can be found on the Ontario government website or at The Rainbow District School Board website also has good learning and mental health resources for parents and students.

As of right now, schools are scheduled to open May 4.

On a lighter note, this weekend is Easter! I’m not too sure if the Easter Bunny will have to social distance since he works alone, but he will definitely be washing his paws between houses. An Easter joke for you:

One Easter, a father was teaching his son to drive when out of nowhere a rabbit jumped on the road. Slamming on the breaks, the son said, “I nearly ruined Easter! I almost ran over the Easter Bunny.” His father replied, “It’s okay son, you missed it by a hare.”

Keep washing those hands! Stay home and stay well!

Until next time, “Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve!”