MSS Kids in the Halls

I hope every dad, uncle, grandpa, step-dad and everyone else had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend! Of course, a dad joke is needed right now. For those that don’t know, a dad joke is a joke that is supposed to be a roll your eyes kind of funny.

Why is Peter Pan always flying? Because he Neverlands.

Classes are officially over for 2020-2021. Where did time go? Monday, June 21 was the last day of Week 1 classes, and Tuesday, June 22 was the last day of Week 2 classes. Today, Wednesday, June 23 through Monday, June 28, there will be individual conferences with students who require further support.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, drop-off times must be arranged to return textbooks, library books and school Chromebooks. Drop off is this week, Monday June 21 to Friday, June 25. If you have not already set up a time, please call the school at 705-368-7000 to do so.

Want to keep learning this summer? The deadline to sign up for summer e-learning courses is this Friday, June 25. Available courses run from July 5 – August 4. Students can sign up for a new course that they wish to take, or they can sign up for an ‘update’ course as a way to improve their course knowledge or as credit recovery for a course previously failed. To meet curriculum expectations, students must be available to attend the full duration of the course. Timelines and due dates will not be adjusted to accommodate vacations. Speak to your guidance counsellor if you have questions or wish to sign up. There are information sheets on courses available and sign up forms in the “2020-2021 Manitoulin SS” Google Classroom.

I am pleased to announce this year’s MSS valedictorian is a very well deserving student who has demonstrated generosity, leadership and academic success over her four years at MSS. Congratulations, Darci Debassige! Darci will be attending McMaster University in the fall for social science. 

Monday, June 28 will be an exciting day for this year’s graduates! Although it is not the ideal situation for graduation, there will be a link sent to graduates on Monday through an email with the 2021 MSS Virtual Graduation ceremony. The link will come in the form of a video which will allow students and their family to watch it at their convenience. 

Also, on Monday, June 28, Manitoulin Secondary School staff will be hopping on a bus for the second annual (hopefully not annual after this year) graduation bus tour. Staff will be visiting every graduate at their home or work to personally congratulate them on this important milestone. Congratulations to the MSS graduating class of 2021! I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors.

With distance learning, some projects this semester became extra creative. Classes created Rube Goldberg machines and virtual performances were put together, just to name a few. For a music project, my classmate, Jocelyn Kuntsi and I put together a virtual saxophone quartet. We performed the song ‘Hip Dudes.’ I, Rachael, played Alto Sax 1 and 2, and Jocelyn played a tenor sax part as well as her baritone sax part. Check it out on YouTube at and share it with fellow music lovers! 

A music joke for you:

What musical key do cows sing in? Beef flat.

As the school year comes to a close, staff and students will not only be saying farewell and good luck to the graduating class, but also a sincere thank you and best wishes to MSS Principal Jamie Mohammed who will be moving to C.C. McLean Public School in Gore Bay as the new principal. We all welcome Ms. Christy Case, who will be leaving Little Current Public School  to become the new principal of MSS as of August 23. Best of luck, Mr. Mohammed and welcome to Ms. Case!

Joke of the week: What did the little corn say to the mama corn? Where is pop corn?

Upcoming events include summer break!

Until next September, “Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve!”