NDP Algoma-Manitoulin campaign launched at Elliot Lake office

Ontario NDP MPP Michael Mantha, second from right, launched his re-election campaign in Algoma-Manitoulin, opening his Elliot Lake campaign office last week.

ELLIOT LAKE—Gathered around an office full of lively supporters, volunteers and community members, Ontario NDP MPP Michael Mantha launched his re-election campaign in Algoma-Manitoulin with the opening of his Elliot Lake campaign office last week.

“I’m thrilled to be launching our campaign and to continue fighting for Algoma-Manitoulin communities,” Mr. Mantha said. “We continue to see wait times at hospitals in the region just get  longer, hydro bills continue to soar, highways in the region remain dangerously neglected while Premier Wynne’s Liberals continue on with conservative-style cuts to essential public services.”

Mr. Mantha was surrounded by enthusiastic local volunteers, campaign staff and supporters who celebrated the campaign doors opening. “Our communities are eager for change for the better,” he said. “Our  communities are realizing they no longer have to choose between bad and worse. (Premier) Wynne’s Liberals have had 15 years and have failed. Meanwhile, Doug Ford’s Conservatives are promising another $6 billion in cuts to key public services.”

“Ontario New Democrats’ plans include meaningful changes that meet the unique needs of our communities here. Northern Ontario will no longer be ignored the way we have been under the Liberal government. Andrea Horwath has a plan to address health care and hospital wait times, a plan to make sure everyone, regardless of age or income, has access to dental care and prescription drugs and a plan to bring down skyrocketing hydro rates.”

“I look forward to being part of the change our province so desperately needs,” Mr. Mantha said.