NDP demands action on gas price spike

OTTAWA – As gas prices shock Canadians’ wallets, New Democrats are demanding Conservatives shift their consumer protection bandwagon out of idle and into action.

Today in the House of Commons, NDP Consumer Affairs critic Glenn Thibeault (Sudbury) demanded the Conservatives implement the NDP’s long-standing call for a gas price watchdog to ensure fairness for consumers.

Glenn Thibeault:

“Mr. Speaker, another holiday weekend, and what a coincidence, Canadians was once again squeezed at the gas pumps.
Gas jumped 5¢ overnight before Easter and has risen 22¢ a litre from a year ago. Prices have hit a three year high.
Conservatives need to listen to Canadians and finally support our call for a gas ombudsman to oversee the market and ensure fair competition.
When will the Conservatives stand up and act on unfair prices at the pumps?”


*Audio of this question is attached.