NDP demands Liberals act on coroner’s report to prevent further domestic violence tragedies

QUEEN”S PARK – Today, the NDP’s critic for women’s issues, Sarah Campbell, demanded the Liberals act on the recommendations made in Ontario’s chief coroner’s report on death by domestic violence to prevent further tragedies in the province.

“Shamefully not all ministries and agencies contacted for this report bothered to respond to each of the recommendations, and worse, not all agencies and ministries have bothered to implement the recommendations made in the Coroner’s domestic violence reviews,” Campbell said.

“251 women have died as a result of domestic violence in the 10 years since the Domestic Violence Death Review Committee started examining the issue.   Just last week the members of this house wore purple scarves in recognition of violence against women, so I know it is a priority for the legislators of this house.  What will this government do to implement these recommendations?”

Campbell took the Liberal government to task on the same day it was reported that a mother and her two children were murdered in Toronto having struggled to find housing in order to flee a violent situation.

“Access to emergency housing is one of the recommendations in the Coroner’s report.  Access to emergency housing remains a problem in the province of Ontario.  One of the recommendations is that shelters and second stage housing continue to receive support and funding that keeps pace with inflation,” Campbell said.

“Why won’t this government do everything in its power to ensure that all ministries and agencies comply with the Coroner’s recommendations to end violence against women – and implement these very important recommendations?”