News from the Mindemoya Library Book Mice

Claire’s Top Picks

‘Grace Under Fire’ by Julie Garwood

‘Shattered’ by James Patterson

‘Point Last Seen’ by Christina Dodd

‘The Hidden One’ by Linda Castillo

‘Grace Under Fire’ — Grace had a hundred things to do today, killing someone wasn’t one of them. It was supposed to be a quick visit to Boston for the Buchanan anniversary party and then on to Scotland to collect an inheritance. But things happen and all of a sudden she is enduring an interrogation by police and the storey begins. A good read.

‘Shattered’ — A Michael Bennett thriller. Nothing could tear Detective Michael Bennett away from his new bride—except the woman who is his partner and best friend. His partner and top FBI abduction specialist Emily is missing and Bennett risks venturing far outside his jurisdiction to find her. The investigation he undertakes is the most brilliant detective work of his career and the most intensely personal.

‘Point Last Seen’ — When Adam pulls Elle’s half-frozen body from the surf on a lonely California beach, she has no memory of how she ended up there, what her real name is and how she got those terrible bruises on her throat. Elle finds refuge in Adam’s home on the edge of Gothic, a remote village located between the steep, lonely mountains and the raging Pacific Ocean. As flashes of her memory return, Elle faces a terrible truth—buried in her mind lurks a secret so dark it could get her killed.

‘The Hidden One’ — The discovery of an Amish bishop’s remains leads chief of police Kate Burkholder to unearth a chilling secret. Someone doesn’t want Kate asking questions, but even after being accosted and threatened in the dead of night, she refuses to back down. There’s a killer in the valley who will stop at nothing to keep the past buried. Will they get to Kate before she can expose the truth or will the bishop’s secrets remain hidden forever?

Children’s Fun Time has begun Tuesdays 11 am to 12 noon. Book readings, games, crafts, singsongs, snacks, every Tuesday morning up to and including August 22 Lots of fun for the little ones, see you there.

Lots of books, DVDs and talking books for sale as you enter the library. Check it out, great for taking to the beach and not having to worry about returning them back to the library.

That being said, we also have lots of new books to read in your library. So, feel free to come in browse, sit out in the courtyard and read a magazine and check out a book by your favourite author. Computers for public use, printing and laminating all available at your library.

Hours are Tuesdays thru Saturdays, 10 am to 4 pm.

Hope you are all enjoying the summer, you know what is just around the comer!

See you at your library,