Northeast Town Council Notes

September declared Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Jane Dupuis from Northern Ontario Families of Children with Cancer (NOFCC) made a deputation to council requesting that September be declared Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in the municipality. In addition to providing some background information on the organization, Ms. Dupuis also passed out gold ribbons for councillors to show their support for the awareness month and NOFCC.

Council carried a motion declaring September Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in the Northeast Town and instructed staff to raise the coinciding flag above the town office (and post office) to show the municipality’s support.

Traffic bylaw changes

Council carried a motion to update the municipal traffic bylaw to include the two (newly passed by council and already installed) stop signs at Water Street and Park Street. They also updated the bylaw to extend parking on the road to the east side of the post office on the north side. As well, council limited parking on the south side Blake Street East (15-333 Blake Street) to 15 minutes and changed the north side of Blake Street East (16 to 32 Blake Street) to a ‘no parking zone’ to help improve Little Current Public School  student safety.

Council supports Hwy 6 name change

Council reviewed a letter from the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 39, Espanola, requesting the Northeast Town’s support in changing the name of Highway 6 to Veteran’s Memorial Highway No. 6. Council made a resolution support the name change.

Council’s hands tied in water damage claim

The Northeast Town council received a letter from Aurel Rivet explaining that he experienced “a loss by water damage due to a leak in the water main on Glen Street.”

“The total damage exceeded $20,000 including demolition, removal of damaged property and reconstruction,” continued Mr. Rivet.

Mr. Rivet said that his insurance company covered the damages except for the $1,000 deductible. He requested that the town compensate him for the value of the deductible.

Mr. Williamson explained to council that under the Ontario Municipal Act, municipalities have statutory immunity in the case of a water main break and therefore are not liable. He also noted that because of the immunity, the town’s insurance company won’t cover the cost and that if council decided to compensate Mr. Rivet it would set a precedent for future similar situations.

“This never should have happened and now someone 200-300 feet down the road has a problem,” said Councillor Bill Koehler. “We can’t except landowners to be at fault.”

“From time to time things come up and I want to do something different then what I have to do, this is one of those situations,” said Councillor Michael Erskine. “I see where Bill is coming from and I sympathize with Mr. Rivet, but I am unable to support this request.”

“I agree with Bill and Mike and also sympathize with the owners,” added Councillor Marcel Gauthier.

Howland drain No. 3

Council reviewed the tenders received for Howland drain No. 3. Ferguson Aggregate came in the lowest at $185,500, not including HST, followed by Giatten Construction at $277,400, not including HST, and RM Belanger at $233,349, not including HST. Council carried a motion to award the tender to Ferguson Aggregate which had the lowest bid. The project is to be completed by December 31, 2015.

Councillors Paul Skippen and Bill Koehler commented what a great job Ferguson Aggregate was doing on the other portion of the drain they received the tender for and how nice it was that the lowest tender came from an Island company.

Accounts receivable

Town treasurer Sheryl Wilkin presented the accounts receivable reports for water/sewer and taxes for August.

For water/sewer, Ms. Wilkin said there had been $38,672.55 made in payments in the month.

“There are currently 18 accounts over $500 of which six have been disconnected, two are due to penalty applied for August, eight are to receive disconnection letters and in two cases, arrangements have been made,” said Ms. Wilkin.

For taxes, Ms. Wilkin reported that there were $352,540.49 in payments made in August.