Northeast Town Council & Notes

Boat storage

Councillor Michael Erskine, seconded by Councillor Marcel Gauthier, put a motion forward to grant Chris Blodgett of North Channel Cruise Lines permission to dry-dock his cruise ship, Le Grand Heron, on a plot of land inside the Spider Bay Marina basin over the winter at a cost of $1,400 for the season.

Council carried the motion.

Albert Street speed

Council reviewed a letter from Ian Whittington expressing his concern with the recent change of the speed limit from 80 km/hr to 40 km/hr on Albert Street in Rockville.

“My general concern is that council, on the basis of one seasonal concerned citizen and without any community input, imposed an unnecessary speed limit reduction,” said Mr. Whittington.

Council directed staff to call residents of Albert Street to determine the consensus of the residents.

PTSD Prevention Plan

A post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) prevention plan for the Northeast Town Fire Department was presented to council.

Councillor Erskine put a motion on the table, seconded by Councillor Skippen, to accept the plan. The motion to accept the plan was carried by council.

Sheguiandah Museum

A motion was made by Councillor Dawn Orr, seconded by Councillor Bruce Wood and carried by council to appoint Carol Sheppard to the Centennial Museum of Sheguiandah board. 

“I am pleased to see her name come forward as an appointment to the committee,” said Councillor Erskine. “I think she will be an asset to the museum.”

Councillors Paul Skippen and Marcel Gauthier agreed.

Council’s representative on the board, Councillor Gauthier, was pleased to report that the fall fair was well attended and that there were 169 entries.

Municipal finances

Town Treasurer Sheryl Wilkin reviewed the accounts receivable with council. For water/sewer, she reported that there were $25,927.54 made in payments for September. The number of accounts over the $400 limit had been brought down by staff reaching out to customers, but there were three accounts overdue due to penalty applied for August and three accounts where arrangements had been made.

Ms. Wilkin informed council that there were $628,717.57 made in tax payments in September.