Northeast Town purchases historic Sheguiandah to home to improve line of sight

The Northeast Town will demolish a Robert Street home in Sheguiandah this fall to improve line-of-sight on a hairpin turn in the village.

SHEGUIANDAH – At its August 25 meeting, Northeast Town council approved a motion to purchase an historic Sheguiandah home and property for the purpose of having it demolished to improve visibility on the hairpin corner upon which it sits on Robert Street in the older section of the village.

Council reviewed the offer for $110,000 for the 3 Robert Street home in Sheguiandah, site of one of Howland’s earliest telephone offices.

CAO Dave Williamson explained that the line of sight for drivers—especially snowplow drivers—is poor with the location of the home so close to the corner. The intent would be to demolish the home and improve the corner at Robert and Hill streets.

Councillor Bill Koehler thought this was a poor decision, stating that the home and the corner itself caused drivers to slow down. 

“It’s a good thing we purchased that speed radar sign as we’re going to need to use it on that corner if we go ahead with this,” said Councillor Koehler. 

The house is No. 19 on the ‘Tour Through Sheguiandah Village’ walking tour. The site of Bradbury’s General Store, a sign outside the home reads: “This general store, millinery and dress making shop as well as blacksmith shop was owned and operated by the Hastie family. It was sold to the Bradburys in 1902.”

Councillor Laurie Cook asked for a recorded vote. 

Councillors Koehler and Cook voted against the purchase while Councillors Michael Erskine, Barb Baker, Al Boyd, Bruce Wood, Jim Ferguson, Dawn Orr and Mayor MacNevin voted in favour. The motion was carried.

The closing date on the purchase is September 24.