Number of cyclists is on the rise

To the Expositor:

There have been no end of letters to The Expositor pressing for bike lanes and spouting off about the terrific business prospects they will represent to the Island.

Well I drive a lot of miles every week and I’m noticing there are now a lot more bikes between Espanola and Little Current and on Highway 6. Just the other day there must of been 20 lithe cyclists riding the white line, squeezing guard rails on curves and stopped waiting at construction points. All were sporting size 2 bike clothing, overfilled saddle bags (i.e. four per bike), and I even spotted a bit of one-handed text messaging! This is quite scary! Add to this several construction points between Espanola and South Baymouth, logging trucks, various other trucks, cars passing bikes by veering into the oncoming traffic lane at precarious points and literally risking their lives and those of oncoming drivers, and this is one nasty stretch of highway! It was nasty before the summer bike/runner/walker season!

Anyway, I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t share the highway with them, but I am saying there are a lot of very narrow, windy, steep stretches that are totally unsafe for them to be travelling as there is just no shoulder area available for any kind of vehicle. Let’s hope the tourism they get involved in is not ‘medical tourism.’

Sincere best wishes for all riding the roads!

Margaret Schwartzentruber