Where do our politicians priorities lie?

To the Expositor:

As I sit and ponder what the upcoming provincial election will bring to us, I like to look at possibilities that will be presented to each voter.

Will people vote for the other party just because they are tired of the huge void coming from Queen’s Park through Mike Brown?

Mike Brown has of yet to even acknowledge that we are having or might attend an ‘all candidate’s night’ which is structured to a debate style. Myself and others need a time to prepare such an evening and he is the only one who has not shown interest. This is an evening that could make or break him. I feel personally that that ship has sailed to revive life into his work ethic and lack of fulfilling his promises. However, some say there is always hope.

One topic will be the lifestyle of our seniors health and housing. Can you imagine if our caregivers in the various nursing homes were paid a better salary, the same as jail guards? Can you imagine if we made showers, walks, hobby rooms available to seniors as we do for prisoners of a jail, what this would do for the mental and emotional well being of our elders? Can you imagine if the government of today, (that is Mike Brown and Dalton McGuinty) traded the budget allocated for medications, installation of video monitors in jail removed and placed in nursing homes so it would be easier for nursing staff to monitor our loved ones in the event they needed help? Imagine if those prison budgets would be trimmed and spent instead on our seniors to have linen laundered on a regular basis, allowed to have an outdoor garden, their TV supplied, and videos?

Again, imagine if the seniors instead of prisoners were recipients of free slippers, shoes, clothing, and legal aid if they needed it. Free health care, dental, vision care and glasses for our seniors as currently enjoyed by prisoners.

I guess as long as Mike Brown and Dalton McGuinty are there, that is all we can do, imagine.

Larry Killens
South Baymouth