More opposition voiced to an Island Timmies

To the Expositor:

I was very disappointed to hear that there might be a Tim Horton’s in Little Current. I realize the construction would make jobs for a short time and the store would employ around 10 people, my objection is that the Island is unique and I and many others would like to see it left like that. When you get fast food chains we shall have more garbage and more traffic. I think when tourists visit they can do without a Tim Horton’s coffee for a week or two.

We are such a throw-away society. We want it now! So many folks that I know, or have heard through word of mouth, say how nice it is that we do not have all the fast food chains like in the cities. If this comes to pass we are liable to get others. I certainly hope that it does not get approval. Wouldn’t it be nice if we stayed unique? I mean no disrespect for the man that wants this, but you already have two or three. Is it really necessary?

Sally Miller


EDITOR’S NOTE: The December 20 story did note that the new store would employ more than 10 people.