Physicians receive over $400,000 to improve patient care

Dr. McElhaney

SUDBURY, ON – Health Sciences North Research Institute (HSNRI) received over $400,000 to implement new advancements in clinical care from the Northern Ontario Academic Medicine Association (NOAMA). Implementation of Dr. Janet McElhaney’s 48/5 initiative in surgical units, texting teens with cystic fibrosis for appointment reminders, and treatments for Parkinson’s disease, are only 3 of the 9 projects that will move forward thanks to this generous support.

The NOAMA Clinical Innovation Opportunity Fund supports physicians’ leading clinical research projects and helps develop and implement enhancements to patient care. This fund targets clinical research that will have positive outcomes on the delivery of community care.

“By dedicating a significant portion of the NOAMA Alternate Funding Plan (AFP) to the CIOF, NOAMA is excited to assist in improving patient care across Northern Ontario,” says Mark Facca, Executive Director of NOAMA. “Community physicians are well placed to identify questions, processes, and issues that directly impact the patients in their community.”

The funding provided by NOAMA allows HSNRI an opportunity for collaboration between HSNRI and Health Sciences North (HSN) clinical staff. It is an opportunity to address health care challenges for patients in Northern Ontario. HSNRI brings together researchers, clinicians and regional partners to address the health priorities of the North.

“The grants received from NOAMA are assisting to transform patient care through our research, and showcase that research is patient care. This is an opportunity for collaboration among colleagues at HSNRI and HSN”, says Dr. Janet McElhaney, Vice President Research and Scientific Director of HSNRI.

HSNRI Scientists and HSN clinicians are affliates of Laurentian University and/or the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.