Planning board approves subdivision change to two-phase plan

ASSIGINACK—The Manitoulin Planning Board (MPB) has given its approval to the proponent of what had been a proposed 49 lot subdivision between Sunsite Estates and Bay Estates, changing a single phase plan of subdivision to a two-phase plan.

“We have 11 lots that are ready and can be sold, and we will be ready to go with the rest of the lots this summer,” Island real estate broker Jordan Chandler. Mr. Chandler is the developer of the project and represents 5026911 Ontario Limited (previously Leah Pezzutto). After meeting with the MPB, Mr. Chandler stated, “this was just an update on the progress we have been making. Basically, we have met all of the conditions for the first 11 lots and are picking away on the second phase. Most of the first 11 lots have been sold.”

“The rest of the 38 waterfront lots will then all go up for sale in the second phase of the project,” said Mr. Chandler. 

The application made by Mr. Chandler on behalf of his client was for the plan of subdivision and a change to conditions of draft approval given February 2021 from a one phase to a two phase plan of subdivision. This is in relation to Lot 22 and Part Lots 23 and 24 and lot 25, Concession VII and Lots 22 through 26, Concession VIII, township of Sheguiandah in the municipality of Assiginack

The application is for a waterfront subdivision of 49 seasonal residential lots that stretch from Sunsite Estates nearly to the border with the Northeast Town and its Bay Estates subdivision.

Although Sunsite Estates has a water treatment plant, the municipality of Assiginack has not expressed desire to extend the service area of that plant to the new subdivision. Each lot will rely on private septic system and either well or Manitowaning Bay water.

Theresa Carlisle, secretary and treasurer for the MPB told The Expositor, “the planning board had provided its draft approval to this application, and the applicant would need to meet all conditions within three years (from February 2021),” said Ms. Carlisle. “Now the agent has indicated the applicant wants to change the conditions, to go to a two phase subdivision development. Everything is still in draft and there is a ways to go before final approval is given.”

For example, Ms. Carlisle said the municipality of Assiginack still has to agree to the closure of the 25th concession road allowance and to provide comments about the road, the water treatment plant and the subdivision agreement.