Plea for the return of goods stolen this summer

To the Expositor:

On July 29, the start up to Haweater Weekend, my suitcase was stolen outside of the Anchor Inn. The suitcase contained my carving tools, a finished, carved wooden bowl as well as a totem pole carving and about $2,000 worth of jewellery. When I contacted the police the case had been found on Water and Chestnut Street in Little Current and only a few tools were left.

You robbed me of a means to make a living as well as the jewellery I had purchased for Christmas gifts for family and friends. Some of the jewellery was for my daughter Lilly, in order to congratulate her on her many accomplishments and her acceptance into the University of Toronto.

This has been a real financial setback for me and made me feel rather disillusioned about life here on Manitoulin. It is obvious that our Island home is no longer a place where doors—in cars or homes—can be unlocked.

If anyone knows or has found carving tools along Water Street, perhaps near Chestnut Street, please contact me at of those tools were hand made and have great sentimental value. Some things can never be replaced.

Jane Woodbury