Plenty of interest in redundant Blue Goose farm properties

MANITOULIN—While one former property owned by Blue Goose on Manitoulin Island has been sold, all of the properties and buildings the company owns has drawn a lot of interest from potential buyers, says a local real estate agent.

Isobel Edward of Coldwell Banker told the Recorder on Monday, “we have started to sell the Blue Goose properties on Manitoulin, with one offer for purchase having been accepted and we have two other properties where offers have been made and the sale is pending.”

“The offers have been good and the properties are certainly not being given away,” said Ms. Edward. “We have been receiving pretty good offers and there has been a lot of interest, including locally, in all the properties and buildings,” said Ms. Edward.

Ms. Edward pointed out Coldwell Banker has nine of the Blue Goose properties up for sale, and one has already been sold. “And people are looking at the bigger properties and buildings as well—there is a lot of interest and activity. I don’t think it will be long before most, if not all the properties and buildings, are sold.”

Blue Goose officials announced in June the company was selling off all its farmland and buildings on Manitoulin Island using local real estate agents as part of the company winding down all of its beef operations on Manitoulin. Meeker’s Fishery in Burnt Island will carry on with its fish farming operations for Blue Goose.

“There has been lots of action and the offers that have been coming in have been good offers,” said Ms. Edward.