Providence Bay News and Notes

The big news in Providence Bay this week has got to be the giant mural that is on the south wall of the Mutchmor Café (formerly McDermid’s Home Hardware). The Essencia Art Collective comprised of artists Bruno Smoky, Fiya Bruxa and Shalak Attack from Toronto began the amazing transformation of the wall on Monday, May 16 and still have some work to do as of press time on Sunday, May 22. A steady stream of people have been coming every day to watch as the picture comes to life. First was the magical fairy like tree with all the funky knots, then the waterfall and bear. The artwork features rainbow trout, morels, a bonfire, reeds and the bears’ reflection in the ripples of water below. The centerpiece of the mural is a large flying owl. There is so much detail and the colours are so complimentary to nature that it’s a pleasing addition to the village square area.

Get well wishes go out to Judy Black who is recovering at home after having surgery due to an injury while out hiking at the Cup and Saucer. Glad to hear that you are home and doing so well.

Many turtles are being sighted on area roads. May and June are the months when the females are looking for somewhere to lay their eggs. This can lead to them crossing highways. Please slow down in marked areas and other places that turtles have been sighted. Some people stop to help them across the road, if you do this ensure that you place the turtle in the same direction that they were travelling in. Please also ensure that you are not creating a driving hazard. Pull over and park in a safe place where other vehicles have a clear view to be able to pass. Be careful when picking up the turtles because they can have sharp claws and can bite, especially snapping turtles. Be careful! Don’t pick them up by their tails since this hurts them.

The Manitoulin Island Dirt Riders Association (MIDRA) has opened up the track again. MIDRA offers a safe and controlled atmosphere for those wishing to participate in the super fun sport of Motocross. Membership is required for this not for profit organization. Their dates for practice are every Tuesday from 6 to 8:30 pm and on Sundays from 1 to 5 pm.

The black flies and mosquitoes have come out with a vengeance which is surprising since we’ve had such a dry spring with little water and not many puddles and stagnant water for them to lay their eggs. There was a full moon this weekend which often brings cooler temperatures. This is possibly what has led to the old wives tale of planting after the full moon in June. This spring we are experiencing a ‘blue moon’ which occurs when there are four full moons within a season instead of the usual three. So is this full moon considered the planting moon? Does this mean that our planting season has begun or do we wait until the full moon in June? If you know the answer, please let us know.

We send out condolences to the family of Harold Mutton who recently passed away. He was married to Marlene (Pinky) Fulford.

The local highways and the Providence Bay Beach were very busy this weekend. Many people took advantage of the beautiful warm weather to enjoy the beach, the children’s play area, the exercise equipment and the boardwalk. It was great to see them enjoying ice cream, fish and chips and fine dining at our local establishments that are now again seasonally open.

Visitors home on the long weekend were: Cathy Warner (nee Simpson), Glen and Mona Bryan and their daughter Amber, and Nathan Kay home from his recruitment position with the Canadian Army.

Don’t forget about the upcoming power outage that is scheduled for routine repair and upgrades on May 29. The outage is scheduled to begin at 7 am and last until 2 pm but please be prepared as the last scheduled outage ran a little later than expected. It’s best to be a prepared boy scout/girl guide.

The monthly euchre tournament is being held May 31, 2016 at the Providence Bay Centennial Hall. All are welcome but you need to have a partner to join. It begins at 8 am, costs $5 per person and includes a light lunch. Come on out for a great night of fun.

If you have anything that you would like to contribute to the Providence Bay News and Notes, please give us a call. We have such a wonderful and bustling little village that it’s nice if everyone can hear what is going on. You can contact Cheryl at 705-377-7511 or by email at  It makes the column much more interesting when we have input from other community members. All submissions must be made by Sunday at 3 pm for inclusion in the following Wednesday paper.