Providence Bay News & Notes

Approximately 25 people attended the curling club breakfast that is held the first Thursday of every month. Coffee and toast is available regularly on weekdays from 7-9 am.

The Central Manitoulin Township has cleared out the area across the road from the curling club and were thinking that it could be to make more room for parking. It sure opens it up now that all of the shrubs and Manitoba maples have been removed.

Happy belated birthday wishes go out to Stuart Pearson who celebrated on December 11.

The post office will be holding a customer appreciation day to coincide with the Mini Mutchmor opening on Thursday, December 14. Come on out and enjoy some local handmade gift shopping and warm up by having a hot beverage and some munchies.

The Providence Bay history books are back. They were so popular that they decided to print another 100 copies. They can be purchased by contacting Lyle Dewar at 705-377-4645. It would make a fantastic Christmas gift for just about anyone on your list.

The Island bird watchers will be out counting all bird species on Saturday, December 16. They were very interested to hear about our sighting of the snowy owl.

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Linda Gilchrist who celebrates on December 16 and to Jesse McDermid and to Sharlene Kay who both celebrate on December 19.

The New Year’s Eve Dance will be held this year again on Sunday, December 31 from 8 pm until 2 am. Tickets are $15 per person and can be obtained by contacting Matt Young at 705-377-7149.

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