Providence Bay News & Notes

The beach has been looking particularly beautiful. Many people have been taking advantage of the warmer than usual mid-winter thaw days and heading down to the beach. They’ve been taking pictures of the ice after our recent ice storm, which caused every tree and blade of grass to look like it was adorned with diamonds sparkling in the sunlight. The boardwalk is still one of the best places to be to catch a beautiful red sunset and since it’s been kept snow free by local volunteers, it’s easily accessible. Thank you so much! It’s enjoyed and appreciated.

Bryan Morgan was home to visit parents Mike and Sandy Morgan. He takes the opportunity when he’s visiting to FaceTime or go live when he’s with his Dad so that others on Facebook can see him as well.

Major Lesley Kerckhoff and daughter Emily were home from Toronto to visit with Dad Les and brother Charlie. They all motored over to Wiikwemkoong to take Grandma Elsie out of the nursing home for lunch. Lesley and Emily travelled back to the island with friend Becky Belton, who is also living in Toronto and came home to see her Mom Linda.

Don’t forget that Foodland in Mindemoya is closed today, Wednesday, January 31. Save yourself the trip today and go tomorrow.

Best wishes go out to Don and Donna Kay of Mindemoya from all your friends in Providence Bay. They celebrate their 59th wedding anniversary on January 31. What a remarkable milestone. Congratulations to you both.

With all the fluctuating weather we’ve been having lately, we’d like to remind people to be aware of the ice thickness. The Canadian Red Cross recommends ice thickness should be 15 cm for walking or skating alone, 20 cm for skating parties or games, and 25 cm for snowmobiles.

Plan to attend the monthly curling club breakfast on Thursday, February 1. Come on out and support this local community group and gathering centre. The buffet breakfast is delicious and a bargain.

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Cheryl Sheppard who is celebrating on February 2. This is also Groundhog Day. According to folklore, this is the day when we will find out whether the groundhog sees his shadow and returns to his burrow, meaning we’ll have another six weeks of winter or if he does not see his shadow, then we can expect an early spring. To be continued….

Just a reminder, that there are still people trying to scam your money out of you. A recent scam in our area is when someone calls, texts or emails you and says they are from the Canada Revenue Service and that you owe the government money. They often threaten that if you don’t provide prompt payment trying to get your credit card information then you will be arrested by police. The Canada Revenue Service will never contact you by these means. Please protect your credit card information. Do not give out any personal information over the phone. Another popular scam is when you receive a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft and attempting to gain access to your computer. This is another company that will not contact you by phone to repair your computer. Do not give them any of your passwords or give them access to your computer. Protect yourself and your information.

The Manitoulin Island Dirt Riders Association (MIDRA) is sponsoring the 1st Annual Manitoulin Snow Drags being held at Ralf Island Truck Parts at 4302 Highway 551 near Dryden’s Corner. This will be held on Saturday, February 3, 2018 with registration beginning at 9 am until 10 am when the schedule will be announced. Races will begin at 10:30. The cost is $20 for the first race $15 for additional. The classes are: Kids (120 cc or equivalent), vintage, 340cc, 440cc, 500cc, 600cc, 700cc, 800cc and open. There will be 4 lanes that are 660 feet long. The races will be held on packed snow. Stock – studded and non-studded and modified (improved). For more information, contact Rob at 705-348-0501.

How are you spending Super Bowl Sunday? Do you care whether it’s the Philadelphia Eagles or the New England Patriots that win Super Bowl LII? Is the popular American tradition of watching football becoming something that’s also celebrated here in Canada? Whatever else it is, it’s a reason to break up the winter and relieve some of the winter blues and have some delicious snacks. Besides, it’s only 43 days now until spring, what’s not to celebrate?

We’d like to continue doing community shout outs in the new year for the Providence Bay News and Notes every couple of weeks. If there is someone that you’d like to give a shout out to, please let us know. And in fact, if you have anything that you would like to contribute, please let us know. We know that there is a lot going on in our community but let’s allow everyone to know. If there is an upcoming birthday, anniversary, fundraiser or celebration, please let us know. You can email Cheryl at or call her at 705-862-1613. Submissions must be received by each Sunday at 3 pm for submission in the following Wednesday publication of the paper. We look forward to hearing from you.