Residents, businesses to be surveyed on transportation needs in their community

MANITOULIN—Manitoulin Island residents are going to be surveyed on what they feel are the local  transportation system changes that need to be implemented to benefit their community over the next few months.

Guy Dumas of the United Manitoulin Transit told the Recorder on Tuesday, “we’ve secured all the feasibility funds for the survey and are now working with our consultants to get the tasks done that are required, between October 2 and January 2.”

Mr. Dumas explained that the UMT consultants, Transit Consulting Network (TCN) (led by consultant Wally Beck) will be approaching businesses and citizens around Manitoulin Island requesting they take part in a face to face, telephone or online survey. “We would like to receive as much feedback from the public as we can get on what the transportation needs are in the communities around the Island,” he said stressing, “this relates to the local transportation system in the communities itself, not the Ontario Northland Transportation busing system mandate on the Island which is focused on intercommunity transportation. We are focusing on the local community transportation needs and solutions. For instance, the transportation needs in Little Current will be very different than Gore Bay because of the different activities, demands and lifestyles of each community.”

Mr. Dumas noted TCN had helped UMT put the proposal together for the funding application for the survey proposal and the funds went through the municipality of Central Manitoulin.

“The consultants who will be asking local residents and businesses to take part in the survey will be identifying themselves as being from TCN,” said Mr. Dumas.

“The study will focus on the transportation needs for each community/municipality,” said Mr. Dumas. He added, “we are anticipating that after January 2 there will be a 30-day review and waiting period before the services begin. Implementation of the services and what is needed needs to be in place by mid-February in preparation for the 2019 tourist season.”