Riding restructuring plans challenged

A Liberal plot to put more bums in seats decried as mathematical mischief

To the Expositor:

The Ontario Liberals propose electoral/riding restructuring amendments to existing geographical/political zones.

Northern Ontario is to provide two new ridings: Fort Frances and James Bay. It’s safe to assume they will continue as being NDP represented.

Southern Ontario is to provide 12 new ridings with a very strong possibility that all will be Liberal. Not rocket science to realize the mathematical advantages there.

Between Ms. Wynne’s mathematical mischief and Mr. Trudeau’s less work day(s) responsibilities than what has been enjoyed by provincial citizens, she wants more Liberal Party bums in seats. He wants less Liberal Party representation? We are each only one taxpayer.

The terms “efficient, effective, etc.” governance should be disqualified as day to day, or campaign self-professing lingo if these two are successful.

Mike White