Road racing through Island communities a growing danger

Please slow down and enjoy the scenery

To the Expositor:

I understand being anxious to get to your cottage or your job site, that the trip can be long and tiring sometimes.

But when you race along Main Street through Kagawong at 80km in a posted 40km limit, all the way from downtown up the Lebar Hill, I’m really concerned. People walk, ride bikes, kids play and dogs escape along this street all day, every day.  There are blind corners along that one kilometre stretch, and getting out of your driveway can be dangerous/hazardous.

Stunt driving is classed as going 40 clicks over in a posted 40 km posted zone. Your vehicle can be impounded and you can lose your license. Half the vehicles that drive along this stretch would qualify for both.  It could happen to you.

I am appealing to your better nature.  We all deserve to enjoy our cottage experience and have a relaxing summer holiday.

Please slow down and enjoy the scenery. Drive safe.

Jan Lloyd