Writer reassessed on old age pension

Just another excuse for the government to save money

To The Expositor:

When I got my old age pension this month, I noticed some money was missing because I’m being reassessed. Just another excuse for the government to just save money. It’s bad enough how they stole this land off me and now they are trying to steal money, my money, that the government owes me. It also owes First Nations people in the trillions of dollars for this land and it’s about time to pay this debt.

Maybe the government is trying to find more money because of the increase they are giving to pensioners who are 75 years old and up and why the government is giving increase to these people is that they probably think they do not have too long to live.

Anyway, like I said, government is so evil now, I think other pensioners, who are 65 years or under 75 years should be watching their pensions.

It was almost a sin to see Prime Minister Trudeau’s greed with the Pope when he arrived in Edmonton because that’s how bad he is as a leader. How he treats people in the country. So being reassessed, I will be getting less money for a year but I have nothing to hide so it’s just an excuse for the government to use against me, maybe for others too who are being reassessed.

Ronald Osawabine