Robinson Township establishes new recycling program

Large recycling bins have been set up in the community.

SILVER WATER—To cut down on the amount of garbage going to the local landfill, and to become even more environmentally conscious, Robinson Township has established a new recycling program.

Karen Noble, secretary-treasurer of the Robinson Local Services Board (LSB) told The Recorder last week, “we held a meeting on May 15 where one person asked why we didn’t have a recycling program.” Attendees at the meeting included five board members and 23 local residents.

“The vote for recycling was 15 to 13 in favour,” said Ms. Noble. “The original discussion was for roadside pickup of the recyclables. Riverside Enterprises suggested that having two bins each eight cubic yards would be a less expensive option, which is what the board voted to do.”

“We bought blue (recycling) bins from Riverside Enterprises and the bins arrived just before our meeting on September 21,” said Ms. Noble.

The bins will be open twice a month, the first Monday and the fourth Saturday, from 1-2 pm. “We are testing these times for now and look forward to feedback from the community,” said Ms. Noble. Items being recycled include metal cans, plastic, aluminum, cardboard and paper, while pop cans are being forwarded to the Shriners club; and beer and alcohol bottles are being sent to the bottle depot in Gore Bay.

“By recycling it removes all these items going to the landfill,” said Ms. Noble.

Ms. Noble noted as well, “we have plans to have a compost bin established in the township in the future.”