Sheg Bears reunion planned next month

To the Expositor:

Please accept this as your invitation to attend the “Sheg Bears” hockey team reunion. As you know by the article in the paper a few weeks ago (‘Famous Sheg Bears Hockey Club plans reunion, August 17, Page 1) we are attempting to put together an event at the Sheguiandah Seniors Hall on October 1st (1 pm – ?), which we hope will bring together some memorabilia and lots of fun.

There seems to be some notion that this is only open to the people who played for or support the hockey team at the time. This could not be further from the truth. We want any and all people who are interested in coming. We hope that it will be a time of sharing, storytelling and maybe even some bragging. We know that there are lots of “legends in your own minds” types who need to replay all those old games! We will have items on display and hopefully a DVD with lots of pictures that are sure to bring back memories.

So if you remember the Sheg Bears, or even if you don’t but want to hear the harrowing tales of “breakaways,” come and join us. We will be providing a simple meal for $10 and are looking forward to see all of you.

Gail Gjos, Howland Seniors secretary