A six-month newcomer weighs in on Timmiegate

A call for a pre-emptive boycott

To the Expositor:

As a six-month newcomer to this glorious island I add my voice to those who do not want to see the homogenizing effect of chain retailers like Tim Horton’s spoiling Manitoulin.

Just as we can’t stop Timmies patrons from tossing their cups on the ground, maybe we can’t prevent a Tim’s outlet attempting to make a go of it in Little Current simply by saying we don’t want one. What we can do, though, is refuse to patronize Tim Horton’s and vote with our pocketbooks. The failure of a franchise venture might be the greatest deterrent to any further attempts.

I applaud Three Cow’s inviting people to try their coffee on their roadside signage. I’m not a fan of billboards, but perhaps a more alluring and eye catching coffee sign out front Three Cows would draw in more coffee patrons? Loco Beanz might also benefit by boasting of their presence nearby.

Gerry Smith

Little Current